Our Focus

new molecules, LOW-COST of goods and ground breaking drug delivery systems

Our intent is to become a leading pharmaceutical company focused on the capital-efficient advancement cannabinoid and cannabinoid-like innovative drug
development candidates; whilst targeting the unmet medical need across a range of therapeutic areas.

Our strategy is to utilize our significant knowledge and experience to develop
medicines in the cannabis-based medicines and the cannabinoid medicines sector. Our strategy is to focus on botanically-derived drug products or chemically synthesized modified-stilbenoid “hybrid” molecules utilizing extracts or compounds which are already known to be safe and tolerable (individually) in humans, and allowing us to use our knowledge and experience to risk mitigate the safety profiles of such candidates. By starting with a clinical focus (“what can humans tolerate”) – rather than identifying a receptor target and potent molecule synthesis to fit the target – and focusing on the clinical end of the development we are aiming to minimize the risk of product failure due to toxicity when creating these “hybrids”. Clearly the development candidates will need to go through the usual manufacturing, preclinical and clinical steps that all pharmaceutical drug candidates go through, but by employing such a risk-mitigation approach, we aim to achieve financial inflexion points quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, whilst producing new pharmaceutical products with good intellectual property protection and generating significant shareholder value.


Pharmaceutical development

Developing cannabinoid and cannabinoid-like
medicines across a range of indications for humans and animals.



Our exclusive licence with Nano4M Ltd seeks to utilise the nano-formulation use of nano-formulation technologies to greatly improve the bio-availability of both the cannabinoids and cannabinoid-like molecules.


Low Cost of goods

Achieving a low cost of goods for GMP grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) means that the company will be able to service high volume indications, as well as orphan indications.