People are the greatest asset of any company.

At Alterola Biotech we are assembling a dynamic, expert, highly driven team who, together, are aiming to change the lives of patients through the delivery of next generation cannabinoid and cannabinoid-like medicines.

At Alterola, we’re passionate about cannabinoid medicine and the advancement of the science and knowledge base behind it. Using our extensive experience in the field, we aim to find new, creative solutions to address challenges, and advance better treatments through innovation.

Within Alterola you’ll discover that every single person who works here is important and plays an essential part in developing quality medicines which change patients’ lives.  Whether we’re designing new cannabinoid medicines through our discovery and research programmes, or working to create new cannabinoid-like molecules for development, or finding new ways to produce cannabinoid ingredients from botanical, synthetic or biosynthetic means, our commitment to excellence and innovative thinking is dedicated to one cause: improving the health of millions of people across the world.

We are always interested to hear from people who believe they have something special to offer, particularly those who are willing to learn, and have the personality, drive and determination to succeed. Take the next step and step into the world of Alterola…..we look forward to hearing from you!