news release 15th November 2021

Birkenhead, Monday, November 15th, 2021

Birkenhead UK November 15th, 2021/PRNewswire/ — Alterola Biotech Inc. (OTC: ABTI) Alterola Biotech Inc. confirms the agreement to acquire platform technologies and associated intellectual property from C2 Wellness Corp.

Alterola Biotech Inc. (OTC: ABTI) today announced the agreement to purchase the assets from C2 Wellness Corporation. (“C2”), a Wyoming registered company with an address at 30 N Gould St, Ste R, Sheridan, WY, that owns certain platform technologies and associated intellectual property invented and developed by the scientific team of C2.

The purchase is for $12 million US dollars payable to all shareholders (direct and indirect), through C2 Holdings Acquisitions Corp, the 50 % owner of C2. The purchase price is payable with 24 million common shares in Alterola Biotech. The common shares are valued at $0.50 US dollars a share for the purpose of satisfying the purchase. The implementation of the transaction has been approved by the board of both companies.

The five primary assets relate to:-
i. Novel cannabinoid molecules and their associated intellectual property;
ii. Novel cannabinoid prodrugs, and their associated intellectual property;
iii. Novel proprietary cannabinoid formulations, designed to target lymphatic delivery, and their associated intellectual property;
iv. Novel proprietary nano-encapsulated cannabinoid formulations, in self dissolving polymers, and their associated intellectual property; and
v. Cannabinoids and cannabinoid pro-drug formulations for topical ocular delivery, and their associated intellectual property.

Along with the technology platforms and associated intellectual property come relationships with universities and a number of renowned academics.

Tim Rogers, Executive Chairman of Alterola Biotech, commenting on the acquisition said: “We are excited at the opportunity to acquire these assets which we believe complement and augment our existing portfolio of cannabinoid and cannabinoid-like development candidates.”


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